Howdy Hosta Lovers – Step into our Gardens

Varigated Hosta
Varigated Hosta: A beautiful specimen

Howdy Hosta Lovers! We welcome you to our online hosta garden directory. We are looking forward to another wonderful season at High Meadow Hostas. Here you will find an exciting collection of lush foliage that will grace your home garden for years to come.

New hosta varieties and perennials have been added to our directories. But please be patient, our site is undergoing a bit of a transformation, so we have taken our photos and hosta directory down for a little makeover!

Hostas are the ideal garden plant. Because of the variety and versatility of hostas, there is a perfect hosta to fill each of those special spots in your garden.

Selecting the Best Hosta Plants for Your Garden

Consider the Size

Hosta can grow anywhere from a few inches to several feet across. Be sure to plant the right size for your garden bed and make sure there is enough room for the plant to reach full size. Hostas are typically classified into five sizes:

  • Miniature – 6 to 12 inches (Blue Mouse Ears)
  • Small – 12 to 15 Inches
  • Medium – 15 to 24 inches
  • Large – 24 to 30 inches
  • Extra Large – greater than 30 inches (H. Empress Wu or Big Daddy)

Using Different Hosta Colors in the Garden

Blues are best for deeper shade areas and look pretty next to yellow or golden varieties to provide contrast and give depth to the garden. Warm colors like yellow and gold are better in the front borders where they may receive more sun. Brighter hostas can also liven up a dark corner of the garden. Variegated hostas look beautiful in the back borders & will draw the garden forward where there is a deep bed.

Have a look here for some inspiration on the many ways to create shape and contrast in a bed of hostas.